30 seconds to guess the player to WIN the shirt! ⚽

Two challenges in one this time! 30 seconds to guess the Leeds player and you WIN the shirt! What should I giveaway next? Paid partnership with JD Sports # ad #football #soccer #challenge #giveaway #leeds #leedsunited #ellandroad #guesstheplayer #footballchallenge

Camiseta De Almería 1ª Equipación 20/21 Actualidad y últimas noticias de Portada Fútbol con La Provincia. Toda la información y última hora de Portada Fútbol.

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37 respuestas a 30 seconds to guess the player to WIN the shirt! ⚽

  1. unknown dijo:

    Can You do this for Sheffield Wednesday fans please

  2. Eski Yigletu dijo:

    No way u got his size so perfect 🧐🤨

  3. In this videos how the shirt fit perfectly on the kids

  4. Rory Ferris dijo:

    Oh Leeds oh we I'm a Leeds united fan

  5. Alfonso dijo:

    This is the most staged video ever😂

  6. Magic GST dijo:

    'licks his lips' Liam cooper ?

  7. Carlos dijo:

    Im not even a Leeds fan but this shirt is 🔥

  8. Tyler Wind dijo:

    Ive played football against that chirwell player

  9. I thought the little boy was wearing a Leicester City shirt☠️

  10. Not them reading questions of the back 😐

  11. Manchester united is better😢😢

  12. Bro the kids were shaking man

  13. ruskwi dijo:

    How you get the right size

  14. How did he just magically guess that they are leed fans

  15. Benny G dijo:

    kid licking his lips like he's on speed

  16. Ryan Roberts dijo:

    Too bad they are so bad that they got relegated from the premier league

  17. Fück you dijo:

    How does he know what size to buy

  18. Rifty_gaming dijo:


  19. yeah take out the shirt and give it back boo

  20. Ducklin:] dijo:

    That is real ball knowledge

  21. Anyone want to buy some of my cards

  22. Haxhi Puci dijo:

    If they would ask about barca I could give the answer in 10 sec

  23. Niall Mooney dijo:

    Great actors… 10/10 bafta award winning performance

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