This is why Football is the BEST Sport 😍

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Camiseta FC Barcelona 3ª Equipación 2019/2020 Actualidad y últimas noticias de Portada Fútbol con La Provincia. Toda la información y última hora de Portada Fútbol.

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34 respuestas a This is why Football is the BEST Sport 😍

  1. Noah Sykes dijo:

    What about regular football

  2. Goalkeepers be like: Really i did'nt know

  3. 104 joshua dijo:

    mma just laughing in the corner

  4. gah dahm dijo:

    Just because the sport is more exhausting doesn't mean it's better stupid reason

  5. E Gamer dijo:

    Ayo look at the runners out theor mate just cause they run not even that far doesn't mean its hard plus that's their job

  6. LegendJL dijo:

    Hardest sport is boxing cuz an average person takes about 1 year to master it

  7. F1 racing left the chat 💀

  8. menace99 dijo:

    football > basketball and harder

  9. NuggHoopz dijo:

    I believe football is harder for a basic human but you need to be pre-built to play basketball,just look at example some of them are ripped af they built for that

  10. Rugby players and professional runners watching with hoodies on

  11. My fucking as American football is harder you got fucking people trying to kill you mean while with a fucking helmet that you can’t see whit with. Like if you agree. 👇


  13. BASIT ☠ dijo:

    You accent feels like " I am gonna bomb this place in 11 minutes"

  14. kd_17 dijo:

    Have you heard about cricket

  15. Cable Guy dijo:

    Don't forget to mention about 30minutes of the game is a dead ball situation where they stand around doing cut scenes for sky sports.

  16. John Doe dijo:

    Basketball more explosive, more sprints, more moves required all muscles not only legs. You need jump higher, run faster in every play on ofense, defense, ofense. You fight versus players like Shaq, Lebron, Giannis… Walls….
    Road bicycle racing is hard than football.
    Rugby or american football is more hard too.

    Football is a great sport but is not the more difficult sport, if you play handball you can bleed fighting versus bodys.
    Sports like Swimming training every day since kids until retirermment…. MMA… Boxing… Marathon???
    Is stupid this video

  17. BBallEditzz dijo:

    Yeah but basketball players have much less rest and they constantly run over and over on the court, footballers a lot of time just start standing in place or just walking super slow

  18. Kerim dijo:

    Jumping high is way harder than running

  19. Wamiq dijo:

    Football is the best sport but it's definitely not the hardest

  20. Wamiq dijo:

    Marathon runners who run more than 40 kilometres:

  21. M4D M4N dijo:

    Go play baseball go try to hit a 100 mph fastball you can’t go try to hit against an actual pitcher you can’t. Go play hockey you can’t skate with them try goalie you can’t save anything soccer is not the hardest sport.

  22. ReaperSky dijo:

    Football is beautiful ❤❤

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